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​Our store is working on measures to prevent the spread of infection.


Steak Tenderloin

Enjoy the Ginza night till the endIt's a steak house.

The name of our restaurant is the highest quality fillet, known as the king of meat.

It comes from the word "tenderloin."

In addition, as an affiliated store of "Kitashinchi Yakiniku Satsuma",

With a reliable route

We purchase high-quality meat directly from our main store.

Although located in sophisticated Ginza,

Casual style at a reasonable price.

​ Also open until 6am.

We provide a space where you can feel free to enjoy.

Steak Tenderloin

I hope you have a wonderful time.

About Muslim policy


At our store, so that everyone can use our services with peace of mind,

Under the guidance of the Halal Japan Association,

We have formulated a Muslim-friendly policy.

This policy applies to our Muslim-friendly menu.

To what extent is the response in line with Islamic precepts?

It will be as shown.


[Food quality and safety]

Our cooking process and dishes comply with Halal standards.

Made with carefully selected ingredients, suitable for Muslims

We provide a menu that you can enjoy with peace of mind.


[About alcohol provision]

We continue to serve alcoholic beverages, but

These are not subject to Halal certification.

Food and alcohol are handled separately.

We do not use any alcohol in our dishes.


To all customers who use our store,

We are committed to providing the highest quality food and service.

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Tenderloin, as its name suggests, is characterized by its extremely tender and juicy meat. We offer carefully selected, top-quality tenderloin, and the flavor of the meat spreads with every bite. Its exquisite softness and rich taste are loved by many customers. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the best tenderloin.

​Domestic rib roast

Our domestic rib roast is purchased directly from the main store of Kitashinchi Yakiniku Satsuma, and its quality is of the highest quality. The rib roast has a perfect balance of fat and meat, and each piece is so tender it feels like it's melting. In addition, its juicy and rich taste brings a unique sense of satisfaction that cannot be experienced anywhere else. Enjoy the highest quality domestic rib roast.


​ Wagyu sirloin

Wagyu beef sirloin is characterized by fine marbling and melting tenderness. This exquisite cut combines the rich flavor and juicy texture unique to Wagyu beef, and is characterized by a rich flavor that spreads the moment you put it in your mouth. The expertly grilled sirloin has an exquisite balance of lean meat and fat that represents the pinnacle of gastronomy.

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